Recruitment services for engineers and executives


Throughout the history of business management worldwide, human resource is always the key factor for a company to achieve successful business operation. To each success story, either in the huge global market or in tiny local ones, belongs an extraordinarily efficient human skill.  


Career Development Associates Corporation is ready and happy to support the companies with job vacancies,and aspiring qualified personnel aiming better job opportunities.  Our professional consultants with long year experience enable the matches of employer’s needs and those of job seekers in various fields of business, especially in electric/electronic/semiconductor area. 


¡Engineers and Executives in Electric/Electronic/Semiconductor Area, e.g. circuit design, semiconductor, @telecommunication technology and machinery design

¡Designers/testers/quality controllers of embedded software/hardware in cell phone & portable household @appliances

¡Highly qualified technical engineer with electronic skill demanded in vehicle and automobile-parts industry

¡Highly qualified chemists, chemical engineers, bio-scientists in chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, medical @equipments and bio-science industry.

¡CEO, executive directors as well as managers of various companies, especially foreign affiliated ones

¡Top and middle management of foreign affiliated companies